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FAQ Te Anau Firefly Glowworms Experience


The Te Anau Glowworms Cave Cruise Experience
A firefly or a glowworm?
Question: We want to see the firefly,how far away from your house To there ?
Answer: Glowworm caves cruise departure is 10 minutes drive from us.
fireflyNew Zealand and Australia do not have a firefly. But we do have Glowworms. In “New Zealand and Australia, glow-worms are the larvae (maggots) of a special kind of fly known as a fungus gnat.” States the New Zealand government website, Te Ara.

 Promotional video for the Glowworms Cave.
The image from the glowworms cave above is not actually a worm glowing. It is an iridescent larvae. We call them glowworms.
  • 10 minutes from our accommodation
  • daytime tours are cheaper (5:45pm or earlier) $83 NZD (Per Adult)
  • evening tours are available $88 NZD (Per Adult)
  • afternoon summer departures are 2pm, 4:30pm & 5:45pm.
  • daytime adult price is $83 NZD, and $22 NZD for children
  • evening adult price is $88 NZD, and $22 NZD for children

We can secure your spaces for you now at no additional cost to you, so please let us know which time and date you prefer, if you would like to book a tour.

Why book through us?

  • no payment needed until you get here.
  • Our guests often do this tour on the day they arrive in Te Anau.
Would you like to book a tour of the glowworms, which some people call a firefly?

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