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Milford Sound quick research results – so far [Name Withheld] have the best prices

Milford Sound quick research normally misses the point

Milford Sound is not like any other location you can drive to.

The reason why we believe that Milford Sound quick research misses the point is that it is not just “a stop” in New Zealand.

Milford Sound is the jewel in the crown of New Zealand’s landscape. Quick research will tell you the cheapest way to get from the terminal to the Tasman Sea, and back to the terminal, in any boat available, at the cheapest time of the day, which means you will need to leave Te Anau at 6am in the morning, as our guests did this morning.

Milford Sound quick research leads people to make sub-optimal choices.

I’m very pleased we got this question in the email today, because the we have a chance to inform a guest of the alternatives to choosing a cruise in Milford purely on price.

One of the questions in the email today was around a specific cruise. It is cheap, and the question was “Do you have any experience with them?”

Let me give a round about answer that covers off a lot of related questions as well.

  1. There are no bad cruises on Milford Sound
  2. There are no bad cruise operators in Milford Sound

But there are groups of people who are attracted to particular cruises or cruise times. Time and again, I have seen unsuspecting guests make booking choices which are completely incongruous with their lifestyle and beliefs.


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