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Milford Sound Cruise Schedule

Do you need the Milford Sound Cruise Schedule?

You may book a number of Cruises in Milford Sound through Te Anau Homestay, even if you are not staying with us on the day of your cruise.

I will list some options for you. I will also include the earlier cruise option, too, as the early morning cruises are much cheaper. All cruises are around 2 hours, give or take 15 minutes. The Underwater Observatory option is another 45 minutes to 1 hr. If you want to add kayaking, you will need to allow 4 hours including the cruise.
9am Southern Discoveries Scenic Cruise (large cruise boat) $46, add cooked buffet breakfast for $10, add the Underwater Observatory for $20 (early special – normally $36)
9am Go Orange Cruise (older large cruise boat) $45 with free bacon butty & orange juice
10:30am Southern Discoveries Nature Cruise (medium size cruise boat) $65 cruise only, extra $15 for both the Underwater Observatory (normally $36) & packed picnic lunch (normally $20)
11:15am Southern Discoveries Scenic Cruise (large cruise boat) $79 cruise only, add international buffet lunch for $37
10:30am Real Journeys Nature Cruise $91 cruise only (2hrs 15mins)
11:00am Real Journeys Nature Cruise $91 cruise only (2hrs 15mins)
11:00am Real Journeys Scenic Cruise $84 cruise only (1hr 40mins)
10:45am Cruise Milford Small Boat Cruise $95 cruise only (1hr 45mins)
11:10am Mitre Peak Cruises Small Boat Cruise $80 cruise only (2hrs)

If you wish to do an early cruise

Based on the above, I recommend the 10:30am cruise with Southern Discoveries. For $80pp, you get an almost 3hr experience (cruise & the Underwater Observatory) plus picnic lunch. With all other companies, it’s $36 extra for the Underwater Observatory, and $19 for picnic lunch, or no food available on board. So this one is best value for money.

On the other hand, if you want the ultimate experience (the longest cruise on a small boat, live Nature Guide commentary, the Underwater Observatory, picnic lunch), then there is the 9:45am Discover More Cruise by Southern Discoveries, which is $114pp.

The 9am Scenic cruise is also great value. From Te Anau Downs, it will only take 2 hours or less to drive to Milford Sound. For $76 ($46+$10+$20), you can get a cruise, cooked buffet breakfast + the Underwater Observatory.

In general, larger boats are cheaper than smaller ones. Also the early cruises are cheaper.

We are official agents, and can secure your spaces now for the same prices listed in the cruise operator websites, but you won’t have to pay anything until you arrive in Te Anau, and stay with us.