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We have accepted bookings written in German, Japanese, Chinese and English. But we speak English, and Japanese as a rule.

Sometimes a party of guests will have only one person who speaks Japanese or English. Sometimes the person who speaks Japanese is speaking it as a second language.

On one memorable occasion, there were two guests, and one spoke English. But the English conversation was eased by Junko writing things in Japanese Kanji, and having them interpret it into their native tongue, than to speak English together.

For that reason, it may be a good idea to let us book your cruises and activities.

The cruise options available from Japanese and Chinese websites are far from complete. There are a lot of combinations of options which are not advertised in foreign lands.





Tiny Cabin Te Anau Homestay
Apparently, “You don’t want to miss out on this opportunity when traveling to Te Anau!”
Here is a recent review of the Tiny Cabin.
“This has by far been the best Airbnb stay and experience we have ever had.
Junko and Neil and their children gave us a great big welcome and Junko gave us a quick tour around the house and the cabin we stayed in.
We opted to have dinner with them and had teriyaki chicken on rice with some broccoli and salad – and it was soooo delicious!
We scarfed down our first plate and could have seconds, and my husband even had thirds!
Throughout dinner we kept up a lovely conversation with Junko and Neil and sometimes their children would join in as well. After dinner we had fresh, homemade chocolate ice cream and let me tell you, better than the Patagonia ice cream we tried in Queenstown…better than any ice cream we’ve ever had, to be completely honest!
Couldn’t rave more about how phenomenal the dinner and dessert was!!! We stayed in their home until about 10pm, chit-chatting away and then we were off to bed.
The cabin was right down the driveway and has amazing views of the surrounding mountains. The size was absolutely perfect for my husband and I and the place was sparkling clean, including the toilet, sink, and shower, not a single issue. We slept on the bottom bunk and had more than enough room (slightly bigger than a double we are used to in America and slightly smaller than a queen – so just right for us)!
We slept wonderfully and got up to have breakfast at 6am at their home.
Junko gave us a variety of breakfast items and was sweet to offer to make anything else she may have missed.
After breakfast we got some boots on and Junko gave us a very exciting and educational farm tour and ended it with getting to milk one of their goats! That was a first for us and it really is quite easy.
Overall, these are the sweetest, kindest, and funniest hosts we have ever had! They truly went above and beyond our expectations, from the lodging to the food to the guided farm walk, absolutely amazing experience and one I would more than recommend to anyone – you don’t want to miss out on this opportunity when traveling to Te Anau!
Te Anau Homestay Tiny Cabin
The above Air BnB review was from a delightful couple, Brittani and Tim, Kentucky, USA. For more reviews, reposted from around the web, take a look at our Testimonial page.
Royal Cam Dunedin Peninsula Tours

Royal Cam live stream nesting Albatross


How can you book a look at the Albatross?

  1. View Royal Cam from your location. Live streaming nesting Albatross.
  2. Plan a day or half day on the Otago Peninsula, we’ll book a tour for you.
  3. Contact us, and we’ll help you plan your holiday around Fiordland and Milford Sound or Doubtful Sound, as well as the Otago Peninsula.

How much time will you need for the Albatross activity?

You will benefit the most from your trip to the Otago Peninsula if you are able to spend at least 6 hours in Dunedin as this is out of the city, and a lot of run.

Can you eat “outside” at Otago Peninsula?
Yes you can eat out, as we say in New Zealand. There is the magnificent Glenfalloch Restaurant, and others as well. Restaurant bookings are recommended.


You need to book ahead for your tours as well, so you don’t miss this premiere experience. We’ll make the whole process so much easier, leave it up to us to book it. It will not cost you a cent more than a direct booking. Contact us.

Who looks after the Albatross? Is it the Department of Conservation?

The answer is yes and no. The New Zealand Government’s Department of Conservation likes to work with private organisations, commercial eco and active tourism operators, and private citizens and community organisations.

DOC welcome aid from the Otago Peninsula Trust, who welcome bookings to their tours through tour agents like Te Anau Homestay, which is us.

Royal Cam is viewable around the world by DOC. Since 2017, it is fair to call the Otago Peninsula Trust, the ‘Golden Peninsula Guardians’. In fact, 2017 is the 50th year since the trust started looking after the Albatross on their only inland breeding colony in New Zealand.

2017 was a big year for the Albatross guardians in Dunedin.

2017 Highlights for Otago Peninsula Trust: 

NZ’s first private charitable conservation trust, | Celebrating 50 years in 2017

‘Golden Peninsula Guardians’

  • 50 years of Otago Peninsula Trust
  • 45 years of tours at the Royal Albatross Centre
  • 25 years of managing Fletcher House at Broad Bay
  • 5 years of Blue Penguins Pukekura Tours
  • 23 chicks fledged at Royal Albatross Colony
  • Four TripAdvisor Certificates of Excellence were awarded to Trust Enterprises: Glenfalloch Garden, Glenfalloch Restaurant plus again to The Royal Albatross Centre and Blue Penguins Pukekura which both hold positions in Dunedin’s top ten attractions.
  • $100,000 projector and 3.3 metre high screen installed at Royal Albatross Centre
  • Royalcam live albatross webcam. Huge publicity 2 million+ views of the webcam were enjoyed from over 100 countries around the world; T
  • Sharing the love…Otago Peninsula Trust donated over $12,000 worth of prizes to 66 local organisations for fundraising in 2017.
  • New book produced “Otago Peninsula Trust | The first 50 years” – avail at InfoZone and Albatross Centre
  • Trust social media followers grew to over 15,000 across our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter platforms;
  • Our Education Programmes inspired over 1500 children – the next generation of eco-advocates.
  • New InfoZone opened at 52 Stuart St to showcase Otago Peninsula Trusts work and Attractions.

Contact us now, and we’ll see if you can fit this experience in before or after your visit to Te Anau Homestay. Take advantage of our free add-on activities planning and booking service.

Many times we can schedule a farm tour before or after a trip in Fiordland which is our area, or indeed on the day you arrive from Otago, or leave south for the Southern Scenic Route.


The beds are amazing and they have electric blankets

“This place was amazing. The day we came we got a full tour of the farm and we had a chance to milk a goat. Then we had a amazing dinner with many varieties. The beds are amazing and they have electric blankets.

Beds are amazing | Chinnu - we awoke to a big breakfast

The next morning we woke up we had a big breakfast and we took a photo together and I bought some soaps which are freshly made. In all this is an amazing place and I would recommend it to anyone.”

Beds are amazing

Chinnu – Santa Clara, California, USA
_  _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

…with the Smith family

Wonderful experience at the farm with the Smith family. Milked a goat too! The Milk-relief soap is a must buy…stock up as they sell out fast!

Sub continent of IndiaMadura and Bumika – Auckland, New Zealand

We’d love to hear from you if you wish to book with us. The fastest way to book is through Air BnB. However, it maybe worth contacting us to see when there is a run of 2-3 nights available, and then plan your holiday around that.

We would love to help you book activities that give you the best value for your money while you are in New Zealand.

Te Anau Homestay Testimonials

Warm bright bedrooms minutes from Te Anau

“We were family of 4 and had a wonderful stay at Junko and Neil’s house. House is just a few minutes away from Te Anau, beautiful drive, and has everything we needed for one night. Comfortable beds, warm and bright rooms, a lots of privacy. We got a nice farm walk , milked the goat and learned from Junko about area, farm animals, food, mountains, places to vìsit and much more. We had an amazing sushi and home made ice cream (one of the best we ever had) and gourme breakfast. Junko and Neil are friendly and welcoming hosts who also gave us a lot’s of recommendations for our drive to Milford Sound. We wish we could stay longer and will definitly çome again as we do plan to visit Nea Zealand again.” Azra – Oakville, Canada

View from Middle Room

もう一つの部屋はツウィンですが、ソファーベッドもあります。This other room is a twin, with bunk where the sofa is in picture.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Authenic Te Anau farm experience

“Absolutely amazing! Junko & Neil were exceptional hosts. They welcomed us into their home with open arms right from the first moment we arrived. Spending time on their farm with their beautiful family was a highlight of our trip to New Zealand. It was an authenic Te Anau farm experience. They shared with us with gormet food sourced from their farm and showed us around their farm – we even milked their goats together! I highly recommend Junko & Neil’s place for everyone travelling through Te Anau interested in gaining an insight into the area. Thank you so much for the amazing experience!”  Ange – Sydney Australia

Tiny Cabin Te Anau HomestayTiny Cabin listing.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Great food, information, hospitality

“If we could give 6 stars, we would. This was a great, authentic New Zealand experience. Highly recommended. Great food, information, hospitality, and everything else.” Mark – Durango, Colorado, USA
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

We’d love to hear from you if you wish to book with us. The fastest way to book is through Air BnB. However, it maybe worth contacting us to see when there is a run of 2-3 nights available, and then plan your holiday around that.

We would love to help you book activities that give you the best value for your money while you are in New Zealand.


Milford Sound quick research normally misses the point

Milford Sound is not like any other location you can drive to.

The reason why we believe that Milford Sound quick research misses the point is that it is not just “a stop” in New Zealand.

Milford Sound is the jewel in the crown of New Zealand’s landscape. Quick research will tell you the cheapest way to get from the terminal to the Tasman Sea, and back to the terminal, in any boat available, at the cheapest time of the day, which means you will need to leave Te Anau at 6am in the morning, as our guests did this morning.

Milford Sound quick research leads people to make sub-optimal choices.

I’m very pleased we got this question in the email today, because the we have a chance to inform a guest of the alternatives to choosing a cruise in Milford purely on price.

One of the questions in the email today was around a specific cruise. It is cheap, and the question was “Do you have any experience with them?”

Let me give a round about answer that covers off a lot of related questions as well.

  1. There are no bad cruises on Milford Sound
  2. There are no bad cruise operators in Milford Sound

But there are groups of people who are attracted to particular cruises or cruise times. Time and again, I have seen unsuspecting guests make booking choices which are completely incongruous with their lifestyle and beliefs.


FAQ Milford Sound Mirror Lakes November 2017

FAQ Milford Sound Trips Leaving Te Anau 7AM?

My question is, do you recommend the morning drive (7AM) to Milford Sound? Or do you think the view is just as spectacular around 8-9AM. This is a good question. It could be put in the following way.

What is the best time to leave Te Anau Homestay in the morning?

Here is the short answer: Don’t miss allowing one factor in your itinerary.

From Autumn to Spring including Winter

Winter time early departures require extra faith. Often we will not know what if the Milford Road is open all the way to the sound, until around 8am or later.

From October to March

Summer will provide you with more settled weather, but in November 2017 the road was closed until 3pm due to heavy snow. Also, once it snowed heavily on Decemeber 26th (the day after Christmas). But the road is generally open at 7am. But there is never a guarantee.

Coach-Cruise-Coach Te Anau to Milford Sound

Local coach connections usually start at 8:00 or 8:30am. Thankfully the big coaches from Queenstown do not reach Te Anau until 9:00am or later. Then they rest, and you will still miss messing with them if you leave at 9:30am.

Anytime is a good time on the Milford Road, or at Milford Sound. But there are much more people around when the big tour bus groups are there. But even the presence of other people is not going to ruin the scenery.

The one factor you must allow for in your itinerary

The highlight of the trip up to Milford Road on a still day when there is no rain is the stop called Mirror Lakes. The lakes don’t have mirror like scenery in the after noon!

The key to a successful trip to Milford Sound is not leaving or 7am or 8am or 9am for that matter. The key ingredient for success is leaving in the morning.

Do we recommend the morning drive (7AM) to Milford Sound?

It all depends on which cruise, who is going, and the season. We can help you plan your trip based on those factors.

If you allow us to plan and book your cruise by message, ahead of time, we can arrange a trip that will work as long as the road is open on the day.

What if the road is not open on the day of the trip? We have multiple options available, and we will help you plan, book and take any alternative options you choose. Cruises on Doubtful Sound is one option, and Lake Te Anau is another, depending on the weather in Te Anau at the time.

Why book tours and activities through us? We live here!

  • Reduce travel preparation time
  • Avoid making full payment on the day of booking an activity
  • Don’t missing out on a trip, tour or activity because it was already full
  • Caution you when booking experiences at distant locations, 7 hours apart

Have you got questions we may be able to answer?



The Te Anau Glowworms Cave Cruise Experience
A firefly or a glowworm?
Question: We want to see the firefly,how far away from your house To there ?
Answer: Glowworm caves cruise departure is 10 minutes drive from us.
fireflyNew Zealand and Australia do not have a firefly. But we do have Glowworms. In “New Zealand and Australia, glow-worms are the larvae (maggots) of a special kind of fly known as a fungus gnat.” States the New Zealand government website, Te Ara.

 Promotional video for the Glowworms Cave.
The image from the glowworms cave above is not actually a worm glowing. It is an iridescent larvae. We call them glowworms.
  • 10 minutes from our accommodation
  • daytime tours are cheaper (5:45pm or earlier) $83 NZD (Per Adult)
  • evening tours are available $88 NZD (Per Adult)
  • afternoon summer departures are 2pm, 4:30pm & 5:45pm.
  • daytime adult price is $83 NZD, and $22 NZD for children
  • evening adult price is $88 NZD, and $22 NZD for children

We can secure your spaces for you now at no additional cost to you, so please let us know which time and date you prefer, if you would like to book a tour.

Why book through us?

  • no payment needed until you get here.
  • Our guests often do this tour on the day they arrive in Te Anau.
Would you like to book a tour of the glowworms, which some people call a firefly?

Milford Sound Cruise Costs Including Te Anau Coach

Are Wondering How Much Milford Sound Cruise Costs Including Te Anau Coach?

“Could you let me know how much the Milford Sound cruise would cost? Taking the coach from Te Anau.” We have reworded it as Milford Sound Cruise Costs Including Te Anau Coach. We will answer that question as it relates to the dates, February 15, 2018 – February 17, 2018.

  1. This is what we recommend:

If you are taking a coach tour to Milford Sound, we recommend Go Milford Day Trip by Southern Discoveries for value ($159 pp adult). Please talk to us about booking this option for you, at no additional cost.
The tour includes:

  • Te Anau departure 8:30am
  • Return 5pm in Te Anau
  • scenic photo stops
  • beautiful spacious 30+ seat coaches (usually) with USB device chargers
  • lively commentary on the magnificent Milford Road
  • 2 hr Nature Cruise in Milford Sound (Dedicated Nature Guide)
  • Underwater Observatory (normally $36) More Nature Guides
  • plus packed lunch (normally $20) on 8:30am departure from Te Anau
  • you can eat at your leisure
  • snacks can be purchased onboard

The cruise alone in the middle of the day can cost around $100, so we think it’s great value. So that is what we recommend. It is excellent value. You’ll love it.

– – – – – – – – – – –

2. Other cost effective options:

Real Journeys also has a similar coach tour for $160. Including:

  • scenic photo stops
  • beautiful large coach
  • lively commentary on the magnificent Milford Road
  • free tea and instant coffee onboard
  • dedicated Nature Guide commentary onboard

Missing freebies on this tour:

  • no free Underwater Observatory
  • no free picnic lunch (lunch options can be added on)

Pre-booked Real Journeys lunch options:

  • Picnic Lunch $18 Underwater Observatory
  • International Buffet or Obento $36
  • Indian Lunch Box $30
  • snacks can be purchased

– – – – – – – – – – –

3. Go Orange has a budget coach trip for $119. Including:

  • free Fish ‘n’ Chips lunch
  • scenic photo stops
  • beautiful large coach
  • lively commentary on the magnificent Milford Road

This budget tour does not include:

  • no Underwater Observatory
  • no free tea and coffee
  • “Milford’s best coffee” may be purchased onboard

Tea and coffee must be bought by cash, whereas other cruises will have free tea and coffee.

– – – – – – – – – – –

We are agents for most cruise operators in Milford Sound (5 out of 6), and can secure your spaces at the same prices advertised on their websites with no payment required until you take the cruise.

There are other boutique cruise/tour options if you specifically want a small boat or small bus/van.

Enquire with us for full prices, and availability.
Email us on stay@TeAnauHomeStay.co.nz