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FAQ Milford Sound Trips leaving Te Anau 7AM?

FAQ Milford Sound Mirror Lakes November 2017

FAQ Milford Sound Trips Leaving Te Anau 7AM?

My question is, do you recommend the morning drive (7AM) to Milford Sound? Or do you think the view is just as spectacular around 8-9AM. This is a good question. It could be put in the following way.

What is the best time to leave Te Anau Homestay in the morning?

Here is the short answer: Don’t miss allowing one factor in your itinerary.

From Autumn to Spring including Winter

Winter time early departures require extra faith. Often we will not know what if the Milford Road is open all the way to the sound, until around 8am or later.

From October to March

Summer will provide you with more settled weather, but in November 2017 the road was closed until 3pm due to heavy snow. Also, once it snowed heavily on Decemeber 26th (the day after Christmas). But the road is generally open at 7am. But there is never a guarantee.

Coach-Cruise-Coach Te Anau to Milford Sound

Local coach connections usually start at 8:00 or 8:30am. Thankfully the big coaches from Queenstown do not reach Te Anau until 9:00am or later. Then they rest, and you will still miss messing with them if you leave at 9:30am.

Anytime is a good time on the Milford Road, or at Milford Sound. But there are much more people around when the big tour bus groups are there. But even the presence of other people is not going to ruin the scenery.

The one factor you must allow for in your itinerary

The highlight of the trip up to Milford Road on a still day when there is no rain is the stop called Mirror Lakes. The lakes don’t have mirror like scenery in the after noon!

The key to a successful trip to Milford Sound is not leaving or 7am or 8am or 9am for that matter. The key ingredient for success is leaving in the morning.

Do we recommend the morning drive (7AM) to Milford Sound?

It all depends on which cruise, who is going, and the season. We can help you plan your trip based on those factors.

If you allow us to plan and book your cruise by message, ahead of time, we can arrange a trip that will work as long as the road is open on the day.

What if the road is not open on the day of the trip? We have multiple options available, and we will help you plan, book and take any alternative options you choose. Cruises on Doubtful Sound is one option, and Lake Te Anau is another, depending on the weather in Te Anau at the time.

Why book tours and activities through us? We live here!

  • Reduce travel preparation time
  • Avoid making full payment on the day of booking an activity
  • Don’t missing out on a trip, tour or activity because it was already full
  • Caution you when booking experiences at distant locations, 7 hours apart

Have you got questions we may be able to answer?

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