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Comprehensive Tiny Cabin Review 21st January 2018

Tiny Cabin Te Anau Homestay
Apparently, “You don’t want to miss out on this opportunity when traveling to Te Anau!”
Here is a recent review of the Tiny Cabin.
“This has by far been the best Airbnb stay and experience we have ever had.
Junko and Neil and their children gave us a great big welcome and Junko gave us a quick tour around the house and the cabin we stayed in.
We opted to have dinner with them and had teriyaki chicken on rice with some broccoli and salad – and it was soooo delicious!
We scarfed down our first plate and could have seconds, and my husband even had thirds!
Throughout dinner we kept up a lovely conversation with Junko and Neil and sometimes their children would join in as well. After dinner we had fresh, homemade chocolate ice cream and let me tell you, better than the Patagonia ice cream we tried in Queenstown…better than any ice cream we’ve ever had, to be completely honest!
Couldn’t rave more about how phenomenal the dinner and dessert was!!! We stayed in their home until about 10pm, chit-chatting away and then we were off to bed.
The cabin was right down the driveway and has amazing views of the surrounding mountains. The size was absolutely perfect for my husband and I and the place was sparkling clean, including the toilet, sink, and shower, not a single issue. We slept on the bottom bunk and had more than enough room (slightly bigger than a double we are used to in America and slightly smaller than a queen – so just right for us)!
We slept wonderfully and got up to have breakfast at 6am at their home.
Junko gave us a variety of breakfast items and was sweet to offer to make anything else she may have missed.
After breakfast we got some boots on and Junko gave us a very exciting and educational farm tour and ended it with getting to milk one of their goats! That was a first for us and it really is quite easy.
Overall, these are the sweetest, kindest, and funniest hosts we have ever had! They truly went above and beyond our expectations, from the lodging to the food to the guided farm walk, absolutely amazing experience and one I would more than recommend to anyone – you don’t want to miss out on this opportunity when traveling to Te Anau!
Te Anau Homestay Tiny Cabin
The above Air BnB review was from a delightful couple, Brittani and Tim, Kentucky, USA. For more reviews, reposted from around the web, take a look at our Testimonial page.
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