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Te Anau Bed and Breakfast

Your Bed and Breakfast has breakfast is included every morning. Special diets are easily accommodated.

Is Te Anau Homestay Bed and Breakfast accommodation?

Yes this is a Te Anau Bed and Breakfast for families and small groups.

We have two accommodation options. Private Rooms and Cabin. Both of them have breakfast included. You can choose the time.

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Mary said, “breakfast is AMAZING. The smell of Junko’s freshly baking croissants in the morning is icing on the cake.”

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One customer said,

“Gourmet breakfast was excellent”

“We had a great time at Junko & Neil farm house. The place is located at about 3mins away from Te Anau. Junko took us for a farm tour and the kids love it such much. We were given the opportunity to experience how milking was done. Thanks Junko & Neil.” – Suhairi, Malaysia

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Jue and Kari said: We especially loved the food.

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When is breakfast served at this bed and breakfast?

Your group can eat together anytime from 6:00am to 9:00am. But if you need to leave earlier in the morning, or want to rise late, we can do that too.

Where do you eat?

Most people have breakfast at our large kitchen-living table. You may request complimentary “room service” for a special breakfast in bed. However, we are not able to baby sit children, so if you have children with you, you would need to have an arrangement for that as well. : )

What is typically served?

We provide a selection of popular, locally sourced western style breakfast foods. Of course, we always try to provide “Chinese gooseberries“.

Te Anau Bed and Breakfast | Kiwi Fruit included when possibleWe include Green and Golden Kiwi Fruit whenever possible for breakfast

What is a Chinese gooseberry?

Perhaps you’ve never heard of such a fruit as that. In 1959, a Christchurch green grocery wholesaler, Turners and Growers announced it would start exporting them as Kiwi Fruit. Since then they have become known as “Kiwi” in every other country except New Zealand.

The menu ideas can be traced to different parts of the world, from France, the Black Sea region, New York city, and Germany. But the most local item is the juice from North Canterbury, which comes with a story all of it’s own.

Te Anau Bed and Breakfast 25 November 2016Part of a typical Te Anau Homestay Bed and Breakfast morning offering

What do guests think of this Bed and Breakfast facility?

“What a great place to stay! A proper old school B&B – breakfast was fantastic and so much more than we could eat. Junko was a wealth of knowledge and we loved the farm tour and learning about the goats and Patience the cow. Our kids made a valiant attempt at milking the goats and managed to get some milk, and the views of the surrounding mountains were magical. They couldn’t do enough for us and we’d recommend it to anyone who wants a stopover in Te Anau.” – Tony – July 2017

Enquire with us for prices, and availability.
Email us on stay@TeAnauHomeStay.co.nz

KiwiFruit Photo by Roberta Sorge on Unsplash